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27 – 28 May 2015, Council of Europe – Strasbourg

The French Society for International Law has taken initiative of organizing a world meeting of national and regional societies for international law. The purpose of this meeting is to gather scholarly societies whose purpose is to study, protect and promote international law by establishing an appropriate reflection framework on their role and means of action in order to strengthen their cooperation, as well as on expectations of various actors on the international stage.


Programme (PDF)

1 st Half-Day – 27 May 2015, 2 pm-6.15 pm

Role and Functions of the Societies for International Law

2 pm-2.20 pm Welcome Speeches

  • Nawel Rafik-Elmrini Deputy Mayor, City of Strasbourg
  • Philippe Boillat, Director General, Human Rights and Rule of Law, Council of Europe
  • Jean-Paul Costa, President, International Institute of Human Rights; Former President, European Court of Human Rights
  • François Alabrune, Director of Legal Affairs, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development

2.20 pm-2.30 pm Introductory Remarks

  • Alain Pellet, Emeritus Professor, University Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense; President, French Society for International Law

2.30 pm-4.10 pm Objectives and Means of action

Chair: Rein Müllerson, President, Academy of Law of Tallinn University; Professor, King’s College London; President, International Law Institute


  • Awn Shawkat Al-Khasawneh, former Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Jordan; former Judge and Vice- President, International Court of Justice; Honorary President, Jordanian Branch of the International Law Association
  • Laurence Boisson de Chazournes, Professor, University of Geneva; Board Member and former President, the European Society of International Law
  • Olivier Delas, Professor, Laval University; President, Quebecois Society of International Law
  • Surakiart Sathirathai, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand; President, Asian Society of International Law
  • Chantal Thomas, Professor, Cornell Law School; Vice-President, American Society of International Law
  • Sébastien Touzé, Professor, University Paris II Panthéon-Assas; Secretary-General, French Society for International Law
  • Hanqin Xue, Judge, International Court of Justice; Former Vice-President, Chinese Society of International Law

4.30 pm-6.15 pm Prospects for Cooperation

Chair: Ruth Wedgwood, Professor, Johns Hopkins University; President, International Law Association


  • Théodore Christakis, Professor, University Grenoble-Alpes; Treasurer, French Society for International Law
  • Yves Daudet, Emeritus Professor, University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne; Secretary-General, The Hague Academy of International Law
  • Maria Laura Forlati, Former Professor, University of Padua; President, Italian Society for International Law
  • Catherine Kessedjian, Professor, University Paris II Panthéon-Assas; President, French Branch of the International Law Association
  • Marcelo Kohen, Professor, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (Geneva); General Director, Latin American Society of International Law
  • Makane Moïse Mbengue, Associate Professor, University of Geneva; Deputy Secretary-General for International Affairs, African Society of International Law
  • Shunji Yanai, Member and former President, International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea; President, Japanese Branch of the International Law Association

2 nd Half-Day 28 May 2015, 9 am- 12.30 am

Societies for International Law and Public and Private Actors

9 am -10.30 am Societies for International Law and Public Actors

Chair: Ronny Abraham, President, International Court of Justice


  • Olufemi Elias, Legal Adviser, Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons Kirill Gevorgian, Judge, International Court of Justice
  • Ricardo Gosalbo Bono, Director, External Relations Team, Legal Service, Council of the European Union; Professor, Université Libre de Bruxelles
  • Iulia Motoc, Judge, European Court of Human Rights
  • Andreas Paulus, Judge, German Federal Constitutional Court; Professor, Georg-August-University, Göttingen
  • Marc Perrin de Brichambaut, Judge, International Criminal Court
  • Paul Rietjens, Director General of Legal Affairs, Federal Public Service of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation; President, CAHDI
  • Hugo H. Siblesz, Secretary-General, Permanent Court of Arbitration; former Ambassador of the Netherlands

11 am-12.30 am Societies of International Law and Private Actors

Chair: Bogdan Aurescu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania; President, Romanian Branch, ILA


  • Geneviève Bastid-Burdeau, Professor, University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne; Vice-President, French Society for International Law
  • Antoine Bernard, General Director of the International Secretariat, International Federation for Human Rights
  • Diego P. Fernández Arroyo, Professor, Science Po Law School; Co-director, Latin America Arbitration Conference; Secretary General, International Academy of Comparative Law
  • Beat Hess, Former Global Legal Director and Member of the Executive Committee, Royal Dutch Shell
  • Michel Pitron, Partner, Gide, Loyrette, Nouel (Paris)
  • Paul Reichler, Partner, Co-Chair, International Litigation and Arbitration Department, Foley Hoag (Washington D.C.)
  • Yves Sandoz, Honorary member, International Committee of the Red Cross, former Director of the Department of International Law and Policy, ICRC.


Institut de Droit international – International Law Association – Club de droit international – Hague Academy of International Law

AFRICA (Association africaine pour le droit international) (Société africaine pour le droit international) – LATIN AMERICA (Latin-american society of international law) (Instituto Hispano Luso Americano de Derecho Internaciona) (Conférence latino-américaine d’arbitrage) – ASIA (Asian Society of International Law) – EUROPE (European society for international law)

ALBANIA (Albanian branche of ILA) – ARGENTINA (Argentine Society for International Law) – AUSTRALIA (Australian and New Zealand Society of International Law) – BELGIUM (Société belge pour le droit international) – BRAZIL (Brazilian branche of ILA) – BULGARIA (Bulgarian Association of International Law / Bulgarian branche of ILA) – CANADA (Canadian Council on International Law) – CHILE (Chilean society of International Law) – CHINA (Chinese Society of International law) – COLOMBIA (Academia Colombiana de Derecho Internacional) – CZECH REPUBLIC (Société tchèque pour le droit international) (Czech branche of ILA) – FRANCE (Société française pour le droit international) (French branche of ILA) – GERMANY (Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationales Recht) – GREECE (Société hellénique de droit international) (Greek branche de l’ILA) – INDIA (Indian Society of International Law) – ITALY (Società Italiana di Diritto Internazionale) – JAPAN (Société japonaise pour le droit international) (Japanese branche of the Asian Society of International Law) – JORDAN (Jordanian branche of ILA) – LEBANON (Société libanaise de droit international) – PORTUGAL (Sociedade Portuguesa de Direito Internacional) – QUEBEC (Société québécoise de droit international) – ROMANIA (Romanian branche of ILA) – SERBIA (Société serbe pour le droit international) – SLOVAKIA (Slovak Society of International Law) – SLOVENIA (Slovene Society for International Law) – SPAIN (Asociación Española de Profesores de Derecho Internacional y Relaciones Internacionales) – SWITZERLAND (Société suisse pour le droit international) -TUNISIE (Association de droit international et de droit constitutionnel comparé) – TURKEY (Turkish branche of ILA) – UNITED KINGDOM (British Institute of International and Comparative Law) – UNITED STATES (American Society of International Law) (American Association of Private International Law) 

Lists of participants (including individual participants)


Dear friends,

We are meeting under an interesting title, not often discussed: “Role and Functions of the Societies for International Law”. The title suggests reflection about past experience, the achievements so far and about the expectations regarding the frontiers of international law in the future. Thinking about the past one can conclude that there is much to be proud of. The societies for international law have made significant contributions to development of international law of the past decades, a development that can best be described as “exuberant” […]

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The Société française pour le Droit international (French Society of International Law – SFDI) has taken the initiative to organize a Meeting of Regional and National Societies for International Law – including the national branches of the International Law Association which, in a number of countries, constitute the national society for international law. This Meeting will be held in Strasbourg on the 27th and 28th of May 2015 in the headquarters/premises of the Council of Europe. Why such an initiative? First, because it is the first event of this kind, even though there has been a few precedents […]

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Il nous a été demandé d’aborder le thème des relations que nos institutions respectives, en leur qualité d’« acteurs » du droit international public, entretiennent avec les sociétés de droit international. Comme on nous a également imposé une limite de temps sévère pour les interventions, je m’en tiendrais, pour lancer le débat, à décrire deux exemples qui à mon sens illustrent parfaitement les bienfaits d’une coopération étroite entre les sociétés de droit et les acteurs du droit international public […]

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